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As a Cinematic Artist at Telltale I develop interactive cut scenes using an in-house proprietary game engine. I am responsible for the following:

- Facial and character performance using animation libraries and custom animations                                                         
- Staging and layout for characters in environment                                                        
- Camera staging and Cinematography from pre-vis stage through to the final Edit                                    
- All timing and editing

Clips are edited from:


- Batman - The Telltale Game Series 

- Batman - The Telltale Game Series The Enemy Within - ETh
- Game of Thrones - A Telltale Game Series                                                                       
- The Walking Dead - A New Frontier                                    


Music: "Grandma - Destruction", NieR:Automata OST, Album by Keiichi Okabe and Monaca 2017

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